Tiki Punch-Out Champion: Punch Bowl Social’s Fabio Wins!

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16 Jun Tiki Punch-Out Champion: Punch Bowl Social’s Fabio Wins!

In case you missed it, the Portland Monthly and Captain Morgan recently set out to find who the ‘best of the best’ is among punch-slingers.

The challenge was simple:  invite each of the most respectable punch stations in Portland and challenge their best bartenders to a game of punch-chicken!

Five punch mixologists competed head-to-head at our very own Punch Bowl Social at a chance to win the title, which included $500 bucks cash, but more importantly, bragging rights for being the Top Gun of punch mixing in all of Portland.  The lineup included bartenders from Kask, Hale Pele, Alibi, Trader Vic’s and Sandbar.

We decided to send out our very own Fabio, a 32 year-old with a secret weapon he calls ‘Something about Rio’, a potent concoction of Captain Morgan White rum, lemon sour, watermelon, and passion fruit.

The doors lined up with eager Portlanders, the judges of this great event, selling out the venue within minutes.

After a hard-earned punch-out, Fabio came out on top with the win, landing himself and Punch Bowl Social as the Portlander’s choice for the best punch in town!

Missed out?  Well get over here!  Serving punch daily!  Hope to see you soon, and most of all, please join us in a rousing congratulations to Fabio for taking the title!  Great job Fabio!

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